Oil Paintings - 2013 - Artist's statement
Artist's statement

As I watched the dawn one April morning, I made a record of the infusion of light and color. At 6:20, I recorded seven colors, at 6:30 nine, at 6:40 nineteen, at 6:50 twenty-five, and at 7:00 twenty-eight. The light was cool and filtered by a canopy of trees. The colors grew progressively more brilliant, more distinct, and more numerous.

The process of making such a color study involves extracting specific, representative colors from the whole – a combination of colors that feels like that specific atmosphere.

Based on these color studies, my recent paintings represent distinct experiences of natural light and color. Their shapes are layered like branches overlapping branches but also like time overlapping time. The compositions are almost all-over patterns designed to emulate quiet continuity in the landscape – atmospheres unified by distinct light. They describe gradual color movements using rhythm and repetition.